What is Cloud Shell in GCP? | How to Open Cloud Shells in GCP

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2 min readMar 23, 2021

Google Cloud Shell is the shell that you can use out of Google console and Cloud Shells in GCP is a Command Line Interface (CLI).

Google cloud shell is an online command-line shell window that automatically connects to your Google cloud platform account making interacting with your projects easy.

Cloud Shell in GCP

Cloud shell is one of the best features of GCP and it’s very easy to activate.it is basically a Linux environment you can access straight from the browser with all the tools you possibly might need.

Maybe not all the tools but there are plenty of them available and configured for you at the start when you activate the environment for the first time.

It might take some time before you are connected but once you are in the first thing you can notice what project you are working on by the unique project ID.

In more complex environments you might have a couple of different projects so it’s important to understand which one you are working on and there is an easy way you can change it.

Anyways how can you work with the cloud shell you don’t have to choose I’m working either with the common line of the graphical console you can work with both tools at the same time and use which one is more suited for the task you are doing.

How to Open Google Cloud Shell:

  • Click the Activate Google Cloud Shell button at the top right of the Console Window.
  • A Cloud Shell session opens inside a new frame at the bottom of the console and displays a command-line prompt.
  • Once your Cloud Shell session is ready to use, you can do things like go to your home directory and use VI to view your bashrc configuration.
  • You have all those utilities which are required to interact with the Google-like google Cloud command, big query, and these are for cloud storage bucket. So you have everything installed in your console.

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