How to Register for Google Cloud Architect Exam in 2021

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2 min readMar 29, 2021

Why Google Cloud Architect Exam?

The shift to the cloud is not a new thing, and for many years, companies have been utilizing cost-effective solutions from public cloud vendors to move away from traditional on-premises architecture.

The speed at which technology is moving now makes it increasingly difficult for companies to manage their own infrastructure to get the most out of their IT systems.

While Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure currently lead the race with enterprise-scale companies, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is emerging as one of the most popular solutions among IT professionals, and interest is steadily increasing.

It seems that Google is playing the long game very well. In Q3 2018, ex-CEO of Google Cloud, Diane Greene, estimated that only 10% of workloads are in the public cloud, showing the massive scope for market share still available.

Furthermore, in Q4 2018, CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, said that GCP was the fastest-growing major public cloud provider in the world.

Given that companies are continuously moving to split cloud solutions, this means that IT cloud architects and engineers need to understand more than just the current top two providers.

Networking Funda will focus on Google technologies. Many of our readers may have experience of other public cloud vendors — for example, AWS or Microsoft Azure; however, we also cater to those who are new to the public cloud.

The ultimate goal of this post is to help you to pass and how to register Google Cloud Architect exam.

we will look at why you would take this exam, inform you about how to register for the google cloud architect exam, and brief you on what to expect from the exam.

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