6 Best Google Cloud Platform Certifications in 2021

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5 min readFeb 21, 2021
Best Google Cloud Platform

As a professional cloud developer, you can develop deploy and manage applications inside Google Cloud Platform and you can find similar certification on the other cloud platform as well.

The response rate includes design highly scalable available and reliable cloud-native applications build and test applications deploy applications integrate the applications with Google Cloud Platform manage the application performance and do the monitoring.

This is not a core you can think of one of the programming language certifications, this is when you know how to program it and how to develop your application.

And this is the core essence of this particular certification which is not to teach you any programming model.

But let’s say you are a java developer or a python developer or a.net developer, how you can go ahead and use different capabilities of Google Cloud Platform.

How those platform like Kubernetes is different when you have it in on-premises when you deploy that in Google Cloud Platform.

How you can take advantage of API management or how you can take advantage of the logging mechanism or monitoring mechanism which is available readily in Google Cloud Platform.

Google cloud developer is one of the cores, High demand, and highest paying google cloud platform certifications.

As a professional cloud architect (PCA) you can design the cloud solution or hybrid cloud solution environment and that is the essence of this particular exam.

It starts with the design and planning of cloud solutions manage and provision cloud solution infrastructure design for security and compliance analyze and optimize technical and business processes manage to implement.

Our cloud architecture and ensure solution operations and reliability and the depth of this particular certification.

If you look at it starts with understanding the requirement for your cloud solution whether you’re deploying your cloud application or the application in the cloud environment as an alternative to the application or you are designing an application in hybrid mode.

To sum up, your State is lying in your own infrastructure and some of you know the computing environment which will be used by you or for your application depends on the scaling needs or taking advantage of the public cloud environment.

You are starting with the planning, understanding the existing infrastructure understanding the cloud infrastructure creating a migration plan.

Understanding on you know the bits and pieces are differences of different services which will be used for the same purpose and identify clear core differentiation which service you want to use it.

Or one you will need to understand the security and compliance mechanism or security parameters. you need to make sure that you are optimizing it for the cloud maybe it is a technical requirement.

If you’re suggesting any modifications to the application or you are taking as is depends on what the goal is and what the requirement is you are making those tradeoffs.

So all of that constitutes an architect requirement and you can think of cloud architect is no different.

But having an understanding of the landscape cloud landscape as well as your own on-premises landscape and then making your first move like taking your application into Google Cloud Platform or designing applications which will use your own data center as well as Google Cloud Platform.

If you look at the roles and responsibilities there are some you can think of as emerging roles and responsibilities like for all those certifications you need a complete understanding of the purpose of each and every service.

How to provision it how to use and monitor those particular services if you look at cloud engineer and cloud developer.

You need to manage the application performance on the cloud and this is much more than their job for these guys will do a cloud architect will go out and use some of the mattresses but not necessarily managing the application proponents.

He can guide those teams but these are the team that is actually responsible for looking at the application performance and making changes to the application.

If you look at the cloud in unit and cloud the dark cloud architect is like setting up the cloud services.

How do you design and plan individual services and making sure that security is in place and making sure that access permissions are known in the place

Cloud developer and cloud architect making sure that you understand CIC pipelines cloud API is performance testing and all other testing requirements for your application to perform better in you know Google cloud environment.

More importantly, you know the understanding the purpose of each service and provision and use and monitor it.

This is the core essence of all the certification which are here like cloud and you know developer and architect.

And then there are different focuses based on which certain applications who you are going to pursue…

Google Cloud Architect is one of the High demanded, important, and highest paying google cloud platform certifications as he required more skills than others.

4.Google Cloud Data Engineer Certification

A data engineer is focused on the storage part of your application database, Bigdata, No SQL, ETL jobs like how you can design your ETL pipeline or database pipelines.

The machine learning aspect of the google cloud platform, it is a very special certification that is only towards the data and this is the only certification on the data.

5.Google Cloud Professional Network Engineer



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